In Which The Real Work Begins

I’m on the touch, so this will be short. Especially because my iPod is epithet thig where you hit a key and it tkes 5 seconds to type the letter.

Not that many people was tHis anyway. I can only get food Internet at the churn and Wyson hasn’t given me the password for it. He would I’d I asked thouh, I just haven’t yet.

Ive never gone door to door alone Efore. I’m glad I went throuh with it, and I never want to do it again. Ever.

And my iPod is really being dumb. Ican take much more of this. I did have an interesting conversation but I can’t write like this. I hope onscreen keyboards don’t achieve widespread popularity. I hate hem with a purple passion. Help me

I was going to write abou the one

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