In Which I Am Content

Today I got to spend a day with my grandmother. Just me and my grandmother. That’s kind of rare. Even when I visit her, usually my cousin is around. I love my cousin too, but sometimes it’s nice to get time with just grandma. We went to Salvation army, goodwill, and goodwill. Then I went to Starbucks and bought us both smoothies.

Mary and I also decided today was a good day to see grandpa and step grandma. Sometimes Step-grandma is not always pleasant to be around, so we weren’t sure how this would go. But grandpa is really sick, and, this might be the last time I see him. Unless I get to go to campmeeting. And the visit today actually went well. Grandpa was tired, but he’d perked up a bit by the time we left. Step-grandma was pleasant, and didn’t say anything I wanted to smack her for.

This summer is going to be hard, probably one of if not THE hardest summer I’ve ever had. For this reason, I decided my blog needed at least one entry that is pleasant and good. For today, all was well.

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