In Which I Create A New Blog

For the following reasons:

1. It’s incredibly annoying to have my other blog linked into my gmail account. God forbid I want to be logged into one gmail account AND my blog (which uses a separate email address) AT THE SAME TIME.

2. This way people can more easily subscribe via email

3. The name of my old one was…well, I’m not suicidal anymore, so I needed a change.

I’m not sure of all the content I’m going to put on here. Definitely creative writing projects, for sure, but I also find myself needing a place to vent where someone can hear me. Or at least, where I can trick myself into THINKING someone will hear me.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m normally a very private person, and I’ve long since learned my lesson on what sort of content I post on the internet that just anyone can get to. Thus I am not associating my real name with this account. If I gave you the link, you’ll know who I am.

For this reason, I will probably utilize codes quite frequently. Chances are that if you have this URL, you will already know the codes. If you don’t, you can always ask me. The worst I can do is tell you no. Heck, I might actually want to tell you, but I might be waiting for you to ask.

I am going canvassing this summer. I might blog about it, if people are interested in reading about it. (For those who don’t know, Canvassing is basically where you go door to door selling Adventist books. It’s not about making money, so much as it is about reaching people for Christ.)

So, I think that about covers it. I might still keep up my old blog…we’ll see… or I might transfer the posts and delete the other account…for those of you who care to view the former entries on my old blog, message me. If you’re a person I gave the url to this one to, then you are not the type of person I would refuse.

So, any dumb questions?

Good. Now to an actual blog entry.

Today I mostly typed… I type up all my old journals so that in case of fire copies are still preserved. I was typing up my bible notebook #2, which spans from March 2004-September 2006, and the picks up again in april 2011. The part where it picks up in 2011 is not bad, but the parts from March to September, holy cow. Are all 15 year olds this bad, or was it just me? When you read through your journals form when you were 15 (assuming you kept any) do you cringe? Do you think about burning them? No, I don’t either. After I die, someone might want to read them. And I will want them to know everything.

I mean, what’ll I care? I’ll be dead.

Help Me


4 thoughts on “In Which I Create A New Blog

  1. LoL!! In last paragraph when u said holy cow and on from there. I will enjoy reading your blog, it will give me a chance to know u more .

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